Who Likes Good Lighting?

We all like good lighting, whether we know it or not. I am in the lighting industry so I notice lighting all the time. It’s the one thing I focus on. You probably do not focus on lighting, but I bet you notice bad lighting. You might not realize it is the lighting that is bad, but you notice that the space looks “off”. The problem might be

Bad Lighting in a Restaurant

because the color temperature is wrong, maybe it is because the place is unevenly lit or maybe the wrong fixtures are being used. There are quite a few reasons why the lighting could be wrong.

When I was younger and went to restaurants (once in a great while) with my parents, my father always complained that he could not read the menu because it was too dark. (Could be we were at the restaurant pictured on the left!) This was a source of great fun because I kidded him about being old. Of course now that I have aged a little I know what he was talking about. When I go to a poorly lit restaurant I have to use my flashlight app to see the menu. My father did not have that luxury.

Bad Lighting in a Home

Bad lighting is not reserved for restaurants or other commercial establishments. Unfortunately it is prevalent in far too many homes. When you plan your lighting please try to use as many layers of light as you can. Be mindful of lighting art or of lighting walls or of not over using recessed lights in living areas where social activities occur. Use fixtures that conceal the light source, a source of glare. Use a lighting consultant if the budget allows. Good lighting is a source of lasting pleasure.

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