Consulting Services

Building and remodeling are expensive initiatives which are designed to reward your expenditures with a better living experience. Just as you do not undertake such a project without a set of floor plans, you should not take on the project without a lighting plan. That is where Fogg Lighting comes in. Our staff is thoroughly trained in lighting design and will match your lighting needs with the proper type of fixture, the proper placement of those fixtures, and the perfect fixture for you. Take the stress out of this part of your project – let the Fogg Lighting team help you from beginning to end.


Step 1:

Start thinking about lighting early. Lighting is one of the last things that is installed in the house, but one of the first things you should plan for because it is so important. Wiring is done fairly early in the project so to avoid any disappointment at the end, you should plan where and what kind of fixtures you want to use.



Step 2:

Determine your budget for lighting. A realistic budget ranges from about 1% to 5% of the total cost of the home. You should know that the contractor’s allowance sometimes is not generous enough to cover the cost of the lighting you may like.



Step 3:

Give us a call to make an appointment for an initial meeting to review your floor plans or drawings. As we “walk” through the house plans with you we can help you decide on fixture type and placement. Our team will work closely with you to help you find the perfect fixtures for your project and budget.



Step 4:

Rely on us to organize your order for the electrician as the project approaches completion. We will label everything and make sure the electrician has all the technical specifications, tools and light bulbs necessary to properly install your fixtures. We are here to support you in your project from beginning to end.