Karen and Nils Tcheyan

“When we decided to renovate an old house on Orrs Island while living in Africa, we knew the long distance would add a challenging dimension to the process. Lori Powell with FOGG Lighting was there with us the whole way! Her attention to detail, extensive lighting knowledge, and superb communication skills were invaluable in producing spectacular results. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and FOGG’s service. As we embark upon phase II, we have returned to FOGG for their invaluable design and technical guidance. They really are terrific!”

Bonnie Coplon

“We moved to Portland and needed all new fixtures and lamps for our home. Fogg Lighting became our go-to place. They were able to provide professional lighting design recommendations as well as providing excellent customer service. We continue to be thrilled with our choices and have received many compliments.”

Andy Oakley, Archetype Design, CA

I love seeing people’s reactions when I tell them that I buy nearly all of my decorative lighting through “a little shop in Portland, Maine”.  With all of the on-line resources that exist in addition to the major trade showrooms readily available to me at home in the Los Angeles area and in Dallas, which is home to many of my design projects, it would seem counterintuitive to go to  Fogg.   What I get from Fogg, that I haven’t found anywhere else in the lighting world and few places in the design world as a whole,  is knowledgeable, thoughtful, personal service combined with dozens of product lines in one place.  And, while the products may be available elsewhere, it is the people at Fogg that cannot be matched.  They take the time to understand my projects and they work hard to help me find the best solutions.  That was my experience the first time I wandered in their door just looking for a lamp for my own little vacation place in Maine and it has never wavered, even under the pressure of sourcing over a hundred fixtures for a recent project halfway across the country.  I just won’t shop for lighting anyplace else if I can help it .

RC, Yarmouth, ME

“In any building or renovation project, lighting is one of the last items to consider, but it makes or breaks all the architectural design work. We just did not trust ourselves to make the right choices for our new house and so we turned to Fogg Lighting for their expertise. It was the only choice we needed to make and it was the right one. They saw things that we did not and brought us ideas that we had not considered. That made all the difference!”


CL, Falmouth, ME

“I decided to have a new house built last year and was somewhat nervous about the experience.  I was worried about making costly mistakes and minute details I would overlook.  Fortunately, I went to Fogg Lighting for all lighting and fans.  I spent about an hour with Debbie, going over lights and fixtures in the showroom and gave her my house plans.  She soon sent me back the house plan with suggestions for all lighting in the house and pictures and specs of lights to choose from… chandeliers to closet lights.  The ideas were perfect for me and I selected from these lighting and fixtures that I love.  They worked so easily with me to get everything to the builder on time.  It was a great experience for me and I highly recommend the store and staff.”


Celia St.Onge, Celia Bedilia Designs

“Fogg Lighting is my first and only stop for lighting needs in Maine. I have had the pleasure of working with Fogg on numerous jobs. They have given each of my projects equal care and attention, whether we are doing an entire home lighting plan, or finding the perfect lamp.  I consider Fogg Lighting a crucial part of my design team.”


Marge and Bob Healing

“It is hard to overstate how impressed we were with Debbie and the entire Fogg team.  They did an absolutely terrific job and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  Debbie was an extraordinary professional in every respect.  She made very detailed, timely and thoughtful suggestions for every fixture in and outside the house after having first listened carefully to us describe the ambiance we were trying to create.  Her suggestions were all clearly marked on the floor plan and she had printed out catalogue sheets for every fixture, and several options for the more critical pieces.  Once again, Debbie listened to our comments on the alternatives.  She then showed us actual samples of virtually every fixture and again listened carefully to our reactions.  She made a few adjustments to her recommendations but also very gently helped us adjust some of our preconceptions.  The entire process was efficient, painless and we are absolutely delighted with the result.  The lighting is one of the standout features in the home.”



“Thanks to Fogg Lighting, I have the most beautiful lighting in my new home!  Everyone there was very knowledgeable about current fixtures and listened carefully to find me just the right lights and fans to go with my decor.  They made the process easy!”


 June Farrow

“In 2012 we were building a new home in the Portland area.  Finding just the right light fixtures, and staying within our budget seemed a daunting task.  All of the staff at Fogg Lighting were extremely helpful.   Pointing to a few fixtures that I found appealing,  they were able to “read” my preferences and direct me to catalogs that had just that style.  Working with Lori Powell was a treat.  She responded to all my questions and requests in a timely manner and if she wasn’t available, then anyone could help me.  The best part of working with Fogg was the friendly and warm atmosphere.  I have returned again and again for lamps and finishing touches.  What a terrific lighting store!”


 JC, Falmouth, ME

“Over the past 5 years my husband and I have renovated a 1950s Cape Cod house and an island cottage.  Both times we have turned to Fogg Lighting to help us with our lighting needs.  Debbie Fogg had a wonderful way of understanding what it was we were looking for in both instances.  For our 1950s house, we wanted a modern but subtle look. There were certain places in our home that needed lighting that we either wanted to showcase the lights or downplay the fixtures entirely.  For the cottage we wanted to have the kitchen look and feel appropriate for an island cottage that was built in the 1920s. Debbie was able to help us accomplish exactly what we wanted for both places.  All the items that we ordered arrived in a timely manner and exactly to our specifications.”


Karen Haskell, Portland Maine

“Anyone building or remodeling knows there are literally hundreds of decisions to make in the process and if you’re like me, you obsess over every one! I was delighted to work with Lori Powell and the exceptional team at Fogg Lighting to create a suite of lighting for our new home that moves beyond function to pure art form. Lori not only searched their extensive selection of brands and resources to help me find the perfect fixture for each location, she also maintained great patience and understanding as I deliberated over each choice. In addition, her technical knowledge helped us make smart decisions when considering the latest options in energy efficient lighting without sacrificing practicality and ambience. I highly recommend Lori, Deb, Sanford and the entire team at Fogg Lighting. Their selection, expertise and extraordinary service made this part of our process a delight!.”


Otty Merrill

“Fogg Lighting is the best part of my renovation experiences.  I have used them twice in the last year.  Expert advice, beautiful products and they are always there to help.  Nothing beats sitting down with professionals.  Lighting and fixtures make all the difference.  I highly recommend Fogg Lighting.”


Reed and Eileen Quinn

“During the recent  renovation of  part of our home, Fogg Lighting helped to ease our burden through several home visits to analyze the space and make recommendations, to take measurements and form a layout, and  to develop a working plan.  Their team listened and learned about what we wanted, viewing our prior choices for materials and really gained a good idea of our overall goal.  Taking into account our taste, timeline, and budget, they created  lighting plans  which were used throughout our project by our builders and electricians, insuring that the construction would run smoothly and in a timely manner.  They gently guided us through the process of selecting the right fixtures to give our home the look and feel that was most comfortable for us, coordinating  color, style, and the feel that we were trying to create.   Their team worked together for our benefit, so that we had the advantage of collaboration with all of their combined experience and expertise.   We love every day in our new space and appreciate the folks at Fogg Lighting for the many hours they spent in our behalf.  Thank you so much!”