What Do I Think About LED?

I get asked this question almost every day, and every day I have the same answer: “Don’t get locked into a technology that is changing daily.” By this I mean, use LED replacement light bulbs, but do not buy fixtures with dedicated LED modules already built in. The LED dedicated fixtures are much more expensive than conventional fixtures, and you will be stuck with them when a much more advanced LED option becomes available in a few months or a year. The exception to this rule is in the use of under cabinet or cove lighting where LED tape light and other LED fixtures have been proven to be good alternatives (albeit more expensive).

The Light bulb pictured here on the left is a technological breakthrough. This light bulb is manufactured by Soraa, the most advanced LED MR16 manufacturer in the world. This MR16 can be used in any fixture that uses MR16’s. It is dimmable, comes in various color temperatures and is available with a variety of lenses, filters and louvers which control beam spread and glare. Not all replacement bulbs are created equal. This is one of the best. It costs a little more than it’s cheaper rivals, but the results are noticeable.

The light bulb pictured on the right is an LED replacement bulb for a standard incandescent light bulb. Notice the “fingers” that extend up from the socket to the base of the globe. These “fingers” are made from a material that will draw heat away from the solid state components in the light bulb. (LED’s generate heat because of the resistance in the solid state components – much like a computer).

This brings me to crux of the LED dilemma – until scientists can find much more efficient heat sink materials than are available today, LED’s are stuck in limbo. The greater the lumen output, the more heat is generated and this heat must be dissipated. This breakthrough will come fairly soon, and when it does, there will be a flood of new products.

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