Factors to Consider in a Lighting Plan – Part 1

There are many factors to consider when designing lighting for an architectural space. One of the most important factors is ease of seeing. Ease of seeing varies greatly, but generally speaking older people need more light to see the same details than younger people can see with less light. Eyes over 40 years old are older eyes for this this discussion. People who wear eyeglasses are also susceptible to having issues as well. Age effects vision in a number of ways including depth perception, peripheral vision, glare, and visual acuity.

The photo at the left shows a room that has a lot of daylight as well as artificial light from many sources. It is a comfortable, inviting space with a relaxing color pallet. The lighting in this large room is one of the most important factors in how the room feels and how easy it is to navigate through the space. Furthermore there is adequate light for the tasks that are performed there. This room is comfortable for both young and old eyes. There is no glare, there is plenty of light and the walls are well defined. The lighting designer provided many layers of light without overpowering the space. A great balance.

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