Apr 2013

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is an essential part of a kitchen lighting plan. It puts light on the counter top where the fine tasks occur and it adds an interesting layer of light to the kitchen. If you can not see what you are doing, knife work can be dangerous work, but when the knife work is done the lights can be dimmed for an subtle effect.

Unilume LED
Under Cabinet Light

Under cabinet lighting comes in many flavors: fluorescent, halogen, Xenon and LED. And those options come in many styles: puck lights, tape light, rope light, enclosed fixtures and several other options. I am promoting LED under cabinet lighting because it has a really long life, it does not produce heat and it does not attract insects.

You should be aware that the counter top impacts under cabinet lighting. For example, a polished marble counter top will reflect under cabinet light and produce glare. If you use tape light or any other type of fixture that has individual light bulbs, each or those bulbs will be reflected on the counter. That is why my new favorite under cabinet light is the Unilume LED from Tech Lighting that is pictured here. It has a shield over the individual bulbs that gives a nice even light with no hot spots.

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