Mar 2013

How Much Will it Cost to Light My House?

Everything seems so expensive and overwhelming when you are building a new house or remodeling your current house. It is natural to worry about the cost of your lighting. Contractors almost always include a lighting budget in their contract, and they almost always have an unrealistically low figure for the lighting budget.

What the Heck is This?!!!!!

Therefore it is not unusual for the homeowner to be confused when they start shopping for lights. I have people come into my showroom and tell me they have a a $500 lighting budget in their contract…and they are building a $350,000 house! $500 is less that 2/10’s of 1% of the cost of the house! We can give you a lighting package for close to $500, but you will not be happy.
A realistic budget is from .75% to 5.5% of the total cost of the home. .75% is going to get you a comfortable package and 5.5% is going to get you a top of the line package. We deal with all different size projects and the lighting budget is almost always too low.

When you are considering your lighting budget I urge you to think about how important light is. It enables you to inhabit your space. Without proper lighting your furniture, fixtures, tile and walls will look flat and dull. Our goal is find lighting that will satisfy every budget and every homeowner, and that will make your house look great and make you feel special.

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