Mar 2013

Should I Light My Art?

That is a question I am asked frequently. I think art looks good when it is lighted, but it is a personal decision. Art in galleries and museums is always lit. Galleries are trying to sell it and museums are showing it to a large public audience.

Great Use of Accent Light

I have been in houses where every picture in the house is lit. I think that is way too much lighted art, even if it is good art. I would rather see a few of the best pieces lighted because they then stand out from the crowd. I have also been in houses full of beautiful art where none of it is lighted. The owner contends that the artist painted the picture in natural light so it should be viewed in natural light. To light or not to light is a personal decision. The short answer is there is no right or wrong.

However lighting art is a way to add a layer of accent light to a room as well as to highlight a painting. In this regard I am in favor of accent lighting. People who have dark rooms would benefit from adding accent lighting here and there.

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