May 2013

Home Theater Lighting

In today’s upscale homes an home theater is becoming more and more common all the time. Why go out when you can have all the benefits of the big screen in the comfort of your home! Of course lighting a home theater must be executed correctly to fully enjoy the viewing experience.

Front view of a beautiful home theater.

In the photo to the left you will see an example of an amazing home theater. Notice all the layers of light. That is what differentiates an ordinary room from a spectacular room (not just a home theater room, but any room). The lighting in this room combines LED and halogen. (The room was build several years ago before reliable LED tape light products were available).

Another crucial element in home theater lighting is the lighting control package. You want to be able to dim the lights and control all the circuits from the comfort of you seat. This sophistication is expensive and requires an experienced lighting controls expert to execute, but it makes all the difference in the world.

Rear view of the home theater.

I am proud to say that the lighting in this room was provided by Fogg Lighting Please visit us at FoggLighting.com and call and email with any questions or requests. And remember when you build your next house include a home theater. It doesn’t need to be this elegant, but it will still be fun. Remember….layers of light!!