Mar 2013

What is Happening With Our LIght Bulbs?

I have a friend you has bought cases and cases of 100 watt light bulbs, good old fashioned incandescent light bulbs. He refuses to use compact fluorescent light bulbs. He is an extreme example of customers who ask me everyday about what is happening to light bulbs. The recent Government regulations have caused a lot of confusion and led to misinformation being disseminated about the future of light bulbs.

Congress legislated that certain light bulbs become 30% more efficient within certain time periods. The legislation refers to 100W, 75W, 60W and 40W incandescent light bulbs along with a few PAR’s and BAR’s. The new law was to be phased in over 4 years starting in 2012. The law never outlawed incandescent light bulbs or mandated the use of CFL’s. And that is where the confusion lays. A lot of advertising by Governmental Agencies has misled the public because those agencies want the public to use CFL’s.

There is no doubt about it, CFL’s are three times more efficient that standard incandescent light bulbs. However you can buy incandescent light bulbs today that meet the new Government standard. They are called eco-halogen or some other name and they deliver comparable lumen output while using 30% less energy. The color is very similar to regular light bulbs.

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