Mar 2018

The World Is Getting Brighter

A Re-print From US News and World Report


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The world is getting brighter, but scientists say that may not be a good thing.

Researchers said on Wednesday satellite data showed that Earth’s artificially lit outdoor surface at night grew by about 2 percent annually in brightness and area from 2012 to 2016, underscoring concerns about the ecological effects of light pollution on people and animals. (more…)

Mar 2018

Pope Switches to LED

LUX Magazine

February 21, 2018

Pope gives blessing to LED revolution at St Peter’s

POPE FRANCIS has given his blessing to a major relighting of Saint Peter’s Basilica which will see light levels significantly increased.


Mar 2018

Kitty Cats Have Needs Too

“Cat Faeries” blog contains a very interesting article about the results of improper lighting on the health of cats. To quote from that post “… And what if our artificial lights at night are causing the four most common diseases in cats? Much research and documentation is to be found about the positive healthful and even curative effects of melatonin on the four most common diseases which affect our cats.”¹


Mar 2018

Take Care of Your Dog

It is too bad this dog’s owner did not shop at Fogg Lighting. The poor thing has to cover his eyes because the lighting is so bad.

Make sure you avoid this horrible mistake and get your dog-friendly lighting at Fogg Lighting where our lighting experts will guide you through the maze of fixture selection.

Mar 2018

Think of Your Pet When Making Lighting Decisions

Have you ever wondered about how your dog or cat reacts to bad lighting? You should because it affects their quality of life too. Lighting is for all members of the household, not just the two legged ones. “All mammals are highly photosensitive, not only to the presence or lack of light, but to the color or spectrum of any light that reaches their skin or eyes.”¹

Our staff is highly trained in lighting for pets as well as for humans. Count on us to give you and your pet exactly what you and he or she needs for a happy, healthy life. We are sensitive to your needs and to your pet’s needs too.

¹· Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte